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Calling all DES Consultants

Toozly is a free JobSearch website for jobseekers with disabilities - currently home to 3000 job vacancies within organisations dedicated to diversity and inclusion, the likes of Commonwealth Bank, ANZ, PwC, NSW State Government and many more !

For the past two years Toozly has been assisting jobseekers with disabilities to gain open employment whilst encouraging small to large organisations to think outside the box and realise the immense pool of talent that is available to them via Disability Employment Services and related entities such as yours. 

We are constantly striving to make Toozly work even better for you and your clients and we welcome any feedback, suggestions or comments you may have to allow us to help you and your jobseekers with disabilities find that perfect job. 

You can contact me (Kieran Baron Levi - General Manager, Toozly) directly on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 1300-TOOZLY if you'd like to arrange a time to discuss your feedback in person or over the phone. 

We have created Toozly Jobseeker Profiles at the request of several large organisations wishing to employ more people with disabilities.The profiles, once completed by the jobseeker will be searchable by employers, giving jobseekers one more tool in their chest to get noticed and get hired ! 

We're giving away FREE professionally filmed and edited Video Resumes to help your clients stand out even more [they must complete their Toozly Profile for a chance to win a Video Resume shoot] It's very easy to create a free Toozly Profile by logging into a Toozly Jobseeker Account and following the prompts - But if you'd like some assistance, please complete the form below and send it back to me, and my dedicated team will create free Toozly Jobseeker Accounts, setup free Toozly Profiles and help your clients Get Noticed and Get Hired

Send 1 form or send 100 - We're here to help. 


Kieran Baron Levi

General Manager, Toozly