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NSW Government Senior Executive Event on people with disability 3 December 2018

Toozly invited to exhibit at this event

Toozly along with 5 other organisations working in the disability space, has been invited to exhibit at the forthcoming NSW Government Senior Leaders event on 3 December 2018.

The event outcome is "to have this act as an opportunity for senior executives to gather and consider barriers, enablers and high impact initiatives to improve and make the sector an attractive employer of people with disability. It will also present participants with the opportunity to engage with specialist expertise of disability employment."

The NSW Government is committed to a diverse and inclusive workforce that reflects the community. The NSW Government can show leadership in improving employment opportunities for people with disability. Also invited to the event are the Disability Council NSW, Sector Disability Employment Network (DEN) Chair and Deputy Chair's.

Toozly is very excited to be invited to such a prestige event among a small group of exhibitors. We will have a stand and material for the estimated 300 senior executives who are scheduled to attend the event.  Our aim is to demonstrate Toozly's capability in connecting employers, in this case, the NSW Government (who by the way already advertise jobs on the Toozly web platform), with DES consultants and potential applicant's seeking meaningful work.

We will post further details and photo's after the event.

Mark Wadsworth - Toozly Reader's Article

Whilst most designers of the accessible built environment are usually highly qualified, they are not in the main disabled, i.e. they don't use a wheelchair or other assistive technology on a regular basis. Maybe designers, architects and builders could employ qualified disabled people as advisors in the design process of the built environment, rather than falling into the category of well-meaning able-bodied people who think they know what disabled people want and need.

Some examples of where a disabled persons input would be valuable:

A ramp to allow access for wheelchairs has to be built to a minimum slope ratio of 1:14 in NSW to enable those who use self-propelled manual wheelchairs to go up or down on their own. Going up can still be hard work, so we don't need a ramp with a thick pile carpet on it. Preferably there should be no carpet at all.

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