Public Service Commission Workshop Jobs for people with disability - a plan for the NSW public sector"

Toozly invited to exhibit at this event

The Public Service Commission ran a workshop with senior executives from across NSW government departments yesterday (3 December) to discuss and develop ideas and initiative to improve pathways and opportunities to recruit more people with disability within the public service. The aim of the government is to increase the number of jobs for people with disability by 10,000 by 2027.

The NSW government can show greater leadership in improving employment opportunities for people with disability given it is the State's largest employer.  Currently, it is estimated to employ only 2.7% of its current workforce as people with disability and it aims to increase this to 5.6% over the next several years.

This is a whole of government initiative and includes ideas and initiative arising from the workshop and the small group work. The likely changes could include:

*using new and more accessible technologies and systems;

*changing processes for entry which may include new pathways, an alternative recruitment practice to the standard interview and selection processes;

*Partnering with organisations that work with people with disability to develop targeted attraction and recruitment action;

*creation of a single point contact for inclusion, accessibility and support.

Toozly was among a small group of providers that was invited to exhibit at the event and we had an opportunity to meet with attendees and discuss what Toozly could do for the NSW Government to increase the recruitment of people with disability. We also met with the NSW Public Service Commissioner Ms Emma Hogan and others at the event.

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