Why video job applications can give you an advantage

For many years Toozly was advocating for jobseekers to video record selling themselves to a potential employer. With the sophistication of the latest smart phones, it was easy to set up the phone and record themself. The feedback we received from employers was that they were impressed with the innovation and resourcefulness of a jobseeker putting together a video presentation. For some jobseekers it may be a daunting experience to video themselves although Toozly encouraged them to try it as another option for placing a job application.

The videos were saved and then emailed to the employer along with a covering letter for a particular job.

How to Do it

We recommend that you write out a script that would include the following information:

Introduce yourself: “Good Morning, my name is…..and I am looking for work”.

Give some background to your qualifications and experience

Talk about your interests or hobbies

Discuss the type of roles that you believe you would be suited for and why an employer should hire you. What would you bring to the position?

Talk about how you get along with other people and co-workers.

Recording Tips

When you record yourself, make sure that you are dressed as if you were going to work- let the employer see you as if you were at the workplace.

Look straight at the camera and speak clearly and with expression

You are trying to win over a potential employer so try to sound confident and convincing in the things you say about yourself.

Treat this like a job interview (which in fact it is!)

Finish the video by saying something to the effect: “If my video presentation sounds like something you would be interested in, then please contact me on/by……… I would be delighted to hear from you”.

Good luck!

From the Toozly Team

June 2022

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