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Welcome to the new and upgraded Toozly website

Toozly is delighted to announce that it has completely upgraded its website incorporating a number of innovations and new features that will make accessing the website a much easier and a smoother process.

Toozly has a fresher look with easier navigation icons for people with disability and is now structured using WCAG guidelines for web content accessibility. For jobseekers, Toozly has now mostly removed the previous mandatory requirements in order to streamline registration and job applications. For employers Toozly has improved the subscription and job posting payment system as well as improved email notifications.

Employers can now pay for job ads, either single, multiple or an annual subscription providing an unlimited number of job ads over a 12-month period directly through the website using Credit card via Stripe. Stripe is a payment processing gateway with the same security features of PayPal.

Toozly now has incorporated an FAQ style “How to Guide” to assist both jobseekers and employers to navigate the website and you will find this in the Resource section.

The Toozly Approach to employment of Jobseekers with Mental Illness

We know from the literature that there are wide-ranging benefits, particularly for people with mental illness, of being employed including remuneration, greater autonomy, status and acceptance within the community, structured use of time, affirmation of ability, sense of purpose or focus, feeling productive or useful to others, opportunities for social contact and personal development.

The METWAY Project - a Toozly Research Model for pre-apprenticeship training for jobseekers with disability

Toozly has in the past worked with TAFE Colleges to design a 16-week pre-apprenticeship program specifically for school leavers and young people with a disability. Toozly worked with Swinburne College in Wantirna, Melbourne to design two such courses: one in automotive mechanics and one in hospitality.

Toozly chose both of these skills areas because of a shortage of skilled workers in both areas at that time in Melbourne and that apprenticeships were therefore in demand. Toozly called the program METWAY (Metropolitan East Training and Work Apprenticeship). Toozly provided support to the participants both at college and out of college to work on their competencies, their confidence and their ability to become independent both in the learning environment and the community.

Welcome to City of Sydney

Toozly warmly welcomes the City of Sydney (CoS) as a new member of the Toozly family. We look forward to assisting CoS to employ people with disability seeking meaningful employment in Sydney. Toozly congratulate CoS for demonstrating its social responsibility and for the fact that it recognises the contribution people with disability make to many organisations in Australia. They make productive, loyal and dedicated members of any organisation .

We encourage other employers to join Toozly and the CoS and our other clients to engage and employ more people with disability into meaningful work.

Just a reminder to all that it was in 2019 when the NSW government pledged to employ an additional 10,000 people with disability into the NSW public service over the next several years.  

We have partnered with Broadbean

Toozly is excited to announce that it has recently partnered with Broadbean, a UK based organization based in Sydney.  Broadbean’s purpose is to create great cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), to make candidate attraction easier, faster and more efficient.

Broadbean is also part of CareerBuilder, the global leader in human capital solutions. Collectively they are so much more than a job board and multi-posting technology.

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