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Welcome to City of Sydney

Toozly warmly welcomes the City of Sydney (CoS) as a new member of the Toozly family. We look forward to assisting CoS to employ people with disability seeking meaningful employment in Sydney. Toozly congratulate CoS for demonstrating its social responsibility and for the fact that it recognises the contribution people with disability make to many organisations in Australia. They make productive, loyal and dedicated members of any organisation .

We encourage other employers to join Toozly and the CoS and our other clients to engage and employ more people with disability into meaningful work.

Just a reminder to all that it was in 2019 when the NSW government pledged to employ an additional 10,000 people with disability into the NSW public service over the next several years.  

We have partnered with Broadbean

Toozly is excited to announce that it has recently partnered with Broadbean, a UK based organization based in Sydney.  Broadbean’s purpose is to create great cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), to make candidate attraction easier, faster and more efficient.

Broadbean is also part of CareerBuilder, the global leader in human capital solutions. Collectively they are so much more than a job board and multi-posting technology.

Public Service Commission Workshop Jobs for people with disability - a plan for the NSW public sector"

Toozly invited to exhibit at this event

The Public Service Commission ran a workshop with senior executives from across NSW government departments yesterday (3 December) to discuss and develop ideas and initiative to improve pathways and opportunities to recruit more people with disability within the public service. The aim of the government is to increase the number of jobs for people with disability by 10,000 by 2027.

The NSW government can show greater leadership in improving employment opportunities for people with disability given it is the State's largest employer.  Currently, it is estimated to employ only 2.7% of its current workforce as people with disability and it aims to increase this to 5.6% over the next several years.

NSW Government Senior Executive Event on people with disability 3 December 2018

Toozly invited to exhibit at this event

Toozly along with 5 other organisations working in the disability space, has been invited to exhibit at the forthcoming NSW Government Senior Leaders event on 3 December 2018.

The event outcome is "to have this act as an opportunity for senior executives to gather and consider barriers, enablers and high impact initiatives to improve and make the sector an attractive employer of people with disability. It will also present participants with the opportunity to engage with specialist expertise of disability employment."

The NSW Government is committed to a diverse and inclusive workforce that reflects the community. The NSW Government can show leadership in improving employment opportunities for people with disability. Also invited to the event are the Disability Council NSW, Sector Disability Employment Network (DEN) Chair and Deputy Chair's.

Toozly is very excited to be invited to such a prestige event among a small group of exhibitors. We will have a stand and material for the estimated 300 senior executives who are scheduled to attend the event.  Our aim is to demonstrate Toozly's capability in connecting employers, in this case, the NSW Government (who by the way already advertise jobs on the Toozly web platform), with DES consultants and potential applicant's seeking meaningful work.

We will post further details and photo's after the event.